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We are attorneys with international expertise and background providing our services not only in Germany but also in many European countries,
such as in Italy.

We work in the legal areas relevant to your company, advise on and deal with the challenges you may face in practice, and serve your needs wherever and whenever required.

Our team of commercial attorneys is multilingual, highly motivated and experienced in company-related issues. It is our aim to contribute to your business success!

By opening our agency in Prien am Chiemsee, since December 2015 we have two law offices.


Like all attorneys in the Federal Republic of Germany, we are bound by the following standards in the provision of our services:

Federal Attorneys' Act (BRAO)
Professional Code of Conduct (BORA)
German Attorneys' Fees Act (RVG)
Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys in the
European Union (CCBE Rules).

(For the full text of these standards, please see